Wednesday, August 3, 2011

18 months!

I can hardly believe that my little man is already a year and a half! It has been 18 months of love, challenge, firsts and growth. Everyday I feel like Zach grows and changes everyday and I am so fortunate to be able to work from home so I don't miss a single moment of his life.

Zach had his 18 month check up and he is a healthy, happy little man. He is 33 inches and 26 pounds 3 ounces which puts him in the 50%-75% in size. He is still not much of a talker but he is so active it's almost like he doesn't have time to talk! The only time he will sit still is to read or watch Toy Story. We must spend an hour or two a day reading books, which I LOVE. He has recently become obsessed with Toy Story and I swear we watch one of them every day! I am thinking of making him a Woody costume for Halloween but we'll see.

Here are some other things Zach is into these days:

*He still loves animals. He plays with Abby all the time and loves to chase any other dog or cat that will give him the attention.
*Zach is getting really into building things. He loves to stack his block, nesting cups and anything else he can.
*He loves to play with cars, trucks, trains, etc. He is so cute, he pushes his cars and trucks around and says "vrrrrrrrmmm" and makes "choo choo" noises when he's playing with his train.
*He knows and can point to all of his body parts, clothes and family members. Matt is really good at working on his ABC's and Zach can identify about 30% of his letters when asked.
*His favorite thing to do is hide. He will hide behind anything and wait for you to come find him and he just laughs when he jumps out and "surprises" you.
*Macaroni and Cheese is by far his favorite thing to eat. He won't eat any vegetables but won't turn down any type of fruit.
*Zach is really smart (and I know I'm biased because I'm his mother but still!). If he sees you do something once he remembers. This isn't always great though because he can get into everything now!
*He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and snuggles. He also likes to do knuckles instead of high fives which is really cute :)
*Zach is doing great with swimming. He now floats alone, holds his breath for a short distance under water, knows how to roll to his back when he's pulled face-first into the pool and he is starting to actually swim. His instructor said that soon we'll be ready to start real swimming not just safety lessons.
*We still go to My Gym every week and he loves it. It's a great way for him get rid of some of his never ending energy!
*Zach is teething is 2-year molars right now which is not fun :( He has been getting pretty cranky and chewing and drooling again. I can't wait for them to just get in!
*He has learned how to blow and loves to blow bubbles by himself or blow out candles for me.

Zach is doing so much more that I just can't remember it all but it is fun to watch him grow and learn these new things!
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