Sunday, February 19, 2012

Zachery is 2...wait? Already?

A couple weeks ago the craziest thing happend, my son turned 2. I am still in shock. I mean, I knew it would happen but I swear that I was just in the hospital holding my sweet newborn for the first time. Anyway, we celebrated by having a party for him at My Gym, the kids gym Zach has been going to since he was an infant. We kept it small with just a few friends who have kids and Zach's grandparents. The party was, of course, Toy Story themed.

Zach in his fancy birthday shirt

When we got there we had a great surprise, the 2 gym teachers had dressed up in Toy Story costumes! We had Jessie and Buzz at the party and it really was so sweet of them to do. When we got there the kids ran wild for a little while before we sat down for circle time.

Zach, Sammy, Meg and Kaiden

Everyone sits down to warm up, sing and dance during circle time

Zach isn't much for sitting for that long :)

The kids loved playing with all the animal puppets

That's my boy covered in pink frosting :) Remember at his 1st birhtday when he wouldn't touch his smash cake because of the frosting? My how much things change in 1 year!

The party ended with a bubble storm-Zach was in heaven!

The birthday party was so great! The organized games, puppet shows, songs and activities that were perfect for a group of 2 year olds. If anyone is looking for a place to have a kids (toddler especially) birthday party I cannot say enough good things about My Gym. The best part? I showed up with the food and that was it! It took us about 15 minutes to set up and then clean up-so much nicer than doing it at home :)

After the birthday party we had both sets of grandparents back to our house to open presents after nap time. Zach was so spoiled! Needless to say my son now ownes EVERY Toy Story toy on the planet. We are so lucky to have such great family and friends who love and care for our son and it really meant a lot to us that people came to celebrate Zach's birthday, we had so much fun!

Our happy little family!

Zach getting help from Pop, Papa and Daddy-seriously what a luckly little boy to have all these men who love him so much?



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