Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Already!

It is no lie when everyone says that the time flies by with a baby, I can't believe it's September already and my little guy is 7 months old! It seems to go even faster since we have been so busy. Matt and I had our first 2 nights without Zach since we had 2 weddings in the same week in August. Zach stayed one night with Nana and Papa (my parents) and one night with Nonni and Papa (Matt's parents) and he seemed to do pretty well with both. He did decide to refuse the bottle with Matt's parents so he was asserting a little independence and probably punishing us for leaving him another night :) It was nice to have a few nights with my husband again. I have decided that once Zach is no longer breast feeding and is sleeping through the night he will have to have a sleepover with each set of grandparents every month (I just haven't told the grandparents this master plan yet!). It was also fun to have a reason to get all dressed up and see my husband in a suit!

Zachery and I also spent a few days in Las Vegas to visit my friend Carly and her new son, Aiden. It was so much fun and Aiden is absolutely adorable! It was so fun to see how tiny and sweet he was but I sure don't miss having a newborn. I'm sure one day I will but for now I can still remember the months of no sleep and the fact that Zach was extremely fussy for the first 12 weeks. The good thing is that my mother keeps telling me you usually only have one difficult baby so at least I got it out of the way first...we'll see in a few years if this wisdom has and truth to it :) Here is a picture of Zach and Aiden on our outing to the mall:
Zach and I went to the Aquarium with Matt's mom and his cousin Lisa while she was here visiting and we saw Matt diving. I don't think Zach recognized that it was his daddy in the water but it will be so much fun when he finally does.

Our family had a wonderful surprise this week when my Uncle Eddie flew out here from Nebraska to spend some time with us and meet Zachery. I had no idea he was coming here and all of a sudden I looked up because Abby was going crazy outside and there he was! It was great to spend some time with him since I haven't seen him since before I even knew I was pregnant. I am looking forward to going out there in May to see the entire family and watch my cousin Daniel graduate from high school.

The biggest development with Zach has been his speech. He is now saying "blah" and "da" all the time. It's a tiny bit annoying that I have to listen to da-da-da-da all day long and not ma-ma-ma-ma. But I know it's not da-da as in Matt, it's just noise to him right now. It's pretty incredible how quickly he understands things and how much he is learning all the time. He has also learned how to take apart his toys that are hooked together with plastic links which is pretty impressive to me since he is just 7 months old. Not that I'm saying my child is a prodigy but...haha. Here is a little video of Zach having a conversation while in his jumper:

Well, the little man is starting to get fussy since I have left him alone to play while I did this so I better get to him!

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  1. Tiff...I loved reading your blog!! Zach is getting so big!! And his jumping, talking & ability to take toys apart is very impressive!! Good job mama!


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