Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He's on the Move!

So I'm pretty terrible about keeping this updated but every time I get ten minutes to myself there are about 30 other things that I need to do first as most of you can understand! Zach is growing and developing so fast that I feel like I can hardly keep up with it all. About a month ago Matt and I swore he was going to start crawling because he would get on all fours and rock and take a "step" or two. We followed him around with the camera and it was like he decided that he no longer wanted to go and refused to even get on his hands and knees. He developed his own style of movement which was rolling all over the floor. He was so funny just rolling and scooting everywhere, but not so funny getting a hold of everything (and I thought that I had done a decent job baby-proofing-HA!). Then over this past weekend he really got the scooting/army crawling down which is super cute. He is so determined and gets so serious about everything and just gets terribly upset if he can't do it.

But yesterday that all changed when he started crawling! We had just gotten home from his play date and grocery shopping and I put him on the floor so I could put the grocery's away. I came back in the living room and he was in front of the TV stand trying to pull out the cords (like I said, I fail at baby-proofing!) so I picked him up and put him back in the middle of the room with his toys. He was looking really cute so I got out the camera and he fell forward to all fours and went for it. It was amazing and I am so glad that I got his first crawl on camera. Of course I started crying and called Matt who said "I'm on my way home NOW" and hung up before I could say a word! He's not going everywhere yet, thank goodness, but he's going across the room and I'm sure in a couple days there will be no stopping this kid. I have been so eager for this moment but I have been dreading it all at the same time. I know that my life has just made another drastic change. No longer can I put him down with his basket of toys to go do laundry and find him in the same place when I come back. I thought the 2 small baby gates we got for Abby would work when Zach started moving but I also see now that I'm going to have to go get one of the large ones that you can shape because he is drawn to the floor heater and likes to lay his face on it-fine during the summer when its off but I really don't need him to burn his beautiful little face when I turn it on for the fall! He also discovered Abby's food and water bowl's yesterday so I'm sure he'll be sampling dog food sometime in the future :)

He is developing such a little personality too and that is the best part of motherhood by far. I love seeing how he reacts to new things and situations and how fast he is learning. One of his new things is clapping. Matt and I brought him into our bed on a Friday morning and he just looked at us and started clapping, it was really cute. Now he'll do it all the time and we start cheering for him and he smiles. He is still talking all the time and his favorite thing to do is blow raspberries. He will find a way to put his mouth on whatever body part I have exposed and start blowing. His sneezes make him laugh too...actually any body noise/function causes him to giggle which is such a boy thing!

Zachery's palate is expanding too. Now that he is 8 months old there is a whole new world of food that we are getting ready to explore. He is usually a pretty good eater but has started to get a little picky lately and refusing some things that he used to love. This week we started yogurt and he really likes it! I buy the plain/organic kind and put different fruit in it for him. We tried pumpkin yesterday and he loved it. He also likes turkey (lunch meat more than ground), eggs (although only at Legends, he won't eat them when I make them) and we have given him a little fish (salmon and halibut) and he loved them. He has gotten the pincer grasp down and can now feed himself puffs and small things like peas and corn. We are still avoiding all sugar and juice...I want to keep his eating habits as healthy as possible for as long as possible! I don't think he will have any sweets until his first birthday (which is already all planned in my head, lol). It's fun to watch him try new things because he always looks disgusted at the first bite but then if he likes it you can't feed him fast enough!
The biggest thing that I am doing with him is potty training. Yes, you read that right. I have gotten all kinds of doubt and negative comments about this but it's still something that I am trying. It's not like I expect him to be potty trained anytime soon but I figured if I can at least get him comfortable with the toilet and make it not scary for him so that as he gets older and is ready to potty train for real it won't be so hard. Whenever I change his diaper, after a nap and after a meal I will put him on there and we sing a couple songs until he tries to get off and it has been working pretty well. He has gone on the toilet a number of times so we're going to keep trying it.

Our next big adventure is Halloween and I can't wait! I tried his costume on him the other day and it was already too small so I'm going this week to exchange it. If anything else exciting happens I'll try to get on here and let everyone know!! Here are some pictures from the last month:

With proud Daddy before a USC game

With Mommy cheering on the Steelers

It was time to lower the crib!

Playing in the pool in Vegas

I can't believe my little monkey is 8 months old already!

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