Thursday, June 30, 2011

17 months!

Yikes! When did my baby get so old? Zach can do so many things, it's kind of sad that there really aren't many physical milestones left for him to do. He runs all over the place and climbs everything! He is such a little dare devil that I am constantly afraid we're going to end up in the ER soon. He loves to climb onto the couch and stand up and walk across it, mostly because I tell him not to. A couple weeks ago he wrapped his legs and arms around the armrest on our arm chair and rolled off of it and landed on the dog bed. He was inches from hitting his head on the window sill and I almost had a heart attack but he was fine. I'm trying to let go a little because I know he needs to test and learn what he can and cannot do on his own but it sure is frightening! Whenever he figures out a new trick he gets so proud of himself and that is my favorite part, the giant grin when he accomplishes something and the boost of self confidence he gets.

The biggest milestones these days are verbal. Zachery is a little slower than his peers when it comes to talking but he's getting there. Knowing his father I figured that he would excel at this, haha. For months the only things he has said with any regularity are 'mama' and 'this' and he does use this in the right context. I feel like a damn parrot because all day I am naming whatever 'this' he is pointing to but I know he is understanding. He has 2 different sea horse toys in his bath toys so when I name one of them he will search for the other one because he knows they are the same name. It is really amazing to watch because when I ask him to bring me something he knows exactly what it is, he just won't say it. I figure one day he is going to look at me and say something like 'nice weather today, huh mommy?' and I'll just fall over in shock :). Zach has probably said about 20-25 different words but none of them have been consistent until very recent. We have now added 'bye' (pronounced as BEE along with a wave) and 'cookie' (pronounced by Zach as COOK). We had our most interesting verbal experience last week. Whenever he is on the changing table after his bath or when changing his diaper he points to different body parts and asks 'this?' so I name them for him. Well, he is a boy so one of his favorite things to grab is his penis so when he asks we tell him it's his penis. Last week I was changing his diaper and naming body parts when I named his penis. He looked up at me and repeated 'my penis?' (pronounced as MY PEIS) and it was all I could do not to burst out laughing. It was so cute and of course that was his first 2 word phrase. I can't wait until he has his own children one day so I can remind him of this-priceless!

I have started looking into potty training methods after a little issue we had a couple weeks ago. When your baby shows you that he can take off his own diaper you really shouldn't put him to bed anymore without pants...I went in one afternoon to get him from his nap and he had taken off his diaper...and he had pooped...and he had it EVERYWHERE. This was by far the most disgusting thing I have had to deal with since becoming a mom. I stripped his shirt off him, turned on the tub and scrubbed that little body until it was pink. I must have used 3 different washcloths and half a bottle of baby wash. I threw everything in the washer in the hottest water he had to soak and took bleach and water and scrubbed his crib down. We had to leave the house because it was so unpleasant...not fun. After that I bought a potty and a kids book and we have been trying to get him on board but it hasn't happened yet. Yesterday I came across this article which talks about a method where you potty train your baby in about 3 days. I showed it to Matt and we are going to try it the first weekend in August-it's the next weekend where we have NOTHING going on and can commit to being home all weekend to do this. I know it's kind of early to some people but if I can get him potty trained at a year and a half I will be one happy momma! If he doesn't take to it we'll try again in a few months but you never know until you try :)

The most exciting thing we've done in the last month was take Zach on his first trip to Disneyland. We went on Father's Day (Matt is such a trooper!) and it was great. I got a season pass so I plan to take him a couple times a month, it is a fun thing to keep us busy and out of the house! Here are a few pictures from the last month:

Zach and his friend Sammy at the zoo. Zach said 'goat'!

My funny boy playing at Chip n Dale's Treehouse at Disneyland

Although he doesn't look happy, the Jungle Cruise was his favorite ride :)

Playing in Toon Town!

The only family shot I got of us at Disneyland-such a fun family day!

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