Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maycations Part 2

So part 2 of our May travels takes us first to Omaha(ish), Nebraska to visit my family and celebrate my cousin Daniel's graduation. We flew out there at 6:45am the day after we returned from San Diego. The take off went well, I fed him his bottle and he did great. Soon after that he crashed and slept until we were getting off at our layover in Salt Lake City. The take off from SLC did not go as well-he screamed and cried and layed on the ground and had a tantrum. Finally we were able to get Matt's Ipad going to one of his videos and he calmed down. We got to a very cold Omaha and my Uncle Eddie picked us up and took us to their house which is in a very small town called Kennard. We just hung out at the house and relaxed all day with family. My parents and brother were there as well as my Uncle and Aunt and my 3 cousins (it was their house we stayed at) and my Grandpa Lenaeus. The next day, Sunday was Daniel's graduation from high school. It was so surreal to watch him graduate because I remember when he was born, I remember playing with him and holding him and thinking he was the most amazing little thing ever and now I have my own amazing little man. I can't fathom the day when I have to watch my boy walk across the stage and get his high school diploma; I am so glad that we were able to make the trip out there. Another reason that it was so important to me to get out there was that my grandfather was going to be there. He lives in Florida so I don't get to see him often and I wanted to make sure he got to see my son-the first great grandchild on the Lenaeus side. We stayed in Nebraska a couple days after the graduation and spent a lot of time together. Zach really had fun watching my cousin Jake, who just finished the 5th grade and is very athletic. Zachery is really starting to get interested in sports and playing with balls (hehe) so he loved watching Jake play basketball at the party with his buddies. On our last night we got to see one of Jake's baseball games (where he did awesome-I can't wait to watch Zach play baseball!!) and Zachery actually watched a couple innings which is remarkable for how active he is-he never sits down! We had such a great time visiting my family and I am so grateful that they had us out there!

Here are my parents, brother, Matt, Zach and me with Daniel

Here are all the Lenaeus':Me, Zach, Uncle Eddie, Jake, Daniel, Grandpa, Rob, Rachael

My favorite picture I took of my little man playing in the yard

Zachery giving me kissed through the storm door

My happy boy after his cupcake at the graduation party

Eating katsup at lunch with the men

Zach LOVED the giant lawn at my Aunt and Uncle's house

Zach playing with Jake before his baseball game

The last trip of the month was to Las Vegas for my family reunion. This was for the Thrush family, my mom's dad's family (if you are able to follow that!). We have the reunion every other year and in the past it was always held at a park in Overton (about and hour outside of Vegas) but this year my parents hosted the reunion at their house in Vegas. Now there were a whole lot of people there that I didn't know and really didn't have any chance to get to know since I was chasing a 16 month old around the house. Zach did really well considering all of the new faces and the fact that he feels like that is his house and all these people invaded it. He played in the pool a little bit and tried to even play with some of the other babies towards the end. Later that night we went to dinner with my best friend Carly, her husband Kevin and their little guy, Aiden. Zach was not at his best during dinner. It is really getting to be too difficult to go to a restaurant with him, he wants to run around everywhere and he is so picky with his food I never know if he's going to eat what we get him! The trip to Vegas was short and busy but it was nice to visit with my family and see my bestest :)

After all of these trips I have decided that I am not flying with Zach again until he's at least 2 and when we do he is getting his own seat! I started having a panic attack because he was so upset on the flights home (which is understandable since our first flight out of Omaha was cancelled and we spent about 10 hours in an airport or on an airplane that day) and I'm just not looking forward to ever experiencing that again, lol. I feel like I need a vacation from all of these vacations but we had the best times and are always reminded of how lucky we are to have the family and friends we do!

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