Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost 1!

So the last year has literally flown by. I cannot believe that in a week and a half I will be the mother of a toddler. I wanted to get photos done for Zach's first birthday so we set up an appointment with Jessica Lake, the amazing photographer who took my maternity/newborn photos and the baseball pictures of Zach at around 8 months (you can see her stuff on her blog: and the sample pictures of Zach should be up soon). She does this really cute session for the first birthday where you take the traditional dressed up photos but then we get the baby to his diaper and put a cake in front of him and let him go. The photos on her website are always so cute that I couldn't wait to get pictures of Zach all messy, frosting covered and smiling. We were set last Thursday and I got a really cute cake for him to attack along with a really cute blue outfit for the nice pictures. I should have known we were in trouble when he only took a 45 minute nap that morning (he usually goes for an hour and a half in the morning) but I was optimistic. We got there and started taking pictures but Zach wasn't very cooperative. He didn't want to smile and he kept trying to crawl to me but luckily Jessica said she got some cute ones so we decided to move to the fun part. That's when it all went downhill. I apparently have the only child on the planet who doesn't like sugar or getting dirty (he's a boy!!). He put one hand on that cake and started screaming. We tried to get him to have fun with it but he just freaked out and the more I tried the worse it got. He would let me feed him a bite or two of cake but if I tried to put him down near it he threw a fit. So, I wound up wearing most of the cake :)

Not exactly what I was hoping for but it was an experience all the same!!

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