Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So much for updating this once a week, huh? Well we have been pretty busy here in the Seibert house so what can you do? At least I am updating his daily calendar so I'm doing better in year two than I did in year one. Since my last post we celebrated the big 1. It was so much fun to have Zach's party with his/our friends and all the people we love most there to help us celebrate. Here are some of the highlights of our last month:
We took Zachery to the Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival and it was a blast! He LOVED all the goodies (of course) and it was fun to watch his reaction to everything. This was him trying frozen yogurt which was a hit. His other favorite was the chocolate covered marshmallow. And I wonder why he all of a sudden protested veggies ;)
Zach and I went with a few of my college sorority sisters and their babies to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Matt used to be a volunteer there so we hadn't been back since then. It was fun since he is older he was actually a little interested in watching the fish (only for a moment though-he is only 1). It was also nice to get out with some other moms and have adult conversation!
Valentines Day was so much fun. It's hard to believe that every holiday from here out is no longer his "first". However this was the first Valentines day that he could eat treats! My parents got him a chocolate covered marshmallow (after the previous weeks success) and that was about the funniest thing I've seen my son do so far. Once he got a little taste for what it was it was like watching a snake take down a mouse (sorry for the graphic description). He held on to that candy and smushed it into his mouth and did not move his hand from his mouth until it was gone. Marshmallow was gushing from between his fingers but there was no moving that hand. It was really cute and above is the aftermath. Matt was so great and got me the new jogging stroller I wanted which was so sweet of him. I know you don't need a holiday to show everyone you love them but it was so fun to smother our little guy with hugs and kisses this year :)
Zach and I went to Las Vegas for a long weekend so that I could stay with my cousins while my parents, grandparents and Aunt and Uncle went to the Grand Canyon. Since they are teenagers I was only with them at night (like they wanted me around anyway :) ) so I got to spend a lot of time with Carly and Aiden. It always seems like when I'm needing best friend time most I am fortunate enough to get out there and see Carly so I am so grateful for that. It was really fun to watch the boys this time because there was a little interaction and it makes me so excited for the future when they really can play together. It is so fun that they are only 6 months apart!

Zach has been making so much progress with his swimming lessons. We started private lessons in early January and they did not go very well at first but now he LOVES it. This is a little video of him rolling from his stomach to his back and floating by himself. It really makes us feel good that he is learning this so early since we have him around water so much.

Here's the biggest development, walking! While we were in Las Vegas (2/18) he took his first multiple steps and he's been getting better ever since. This video was taken Saturday (3/5) which was the day he really started to take off. He is about 50% crawling and 50% walking and it is so amazing to watch him develop this skill. He gets so excited when he walks across the living room and his giant smile is almost too much for me to bear, I just want to squeeze the heck out of him and smother him in kisses. It is wonderful to watch that self esteem boost whenever he does a good bit of walking. He is officially a toddler now and my sweet baby is becoming more of a distant memory, which is OK, I LOVE this age.

We have some fun things coming up this month so I will try to post soon but who knows if that will happen, ha ha.

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